6 Reasons Why Sticky Notes

Sticky notes. Publish-its. The 'necessary' evil we succumb to for the possible lack of better tools open to us at hands.

They clutter your desk, whether that'd be both at home and work, and stop you from seeing your monitor correctly. Eventually you realize they'll disappear and make an autumnal leaf visible on the office before you clean up them in to the trash. And let us consider trees for any minute - are individuals square neon colored sticky notes worthwhile for that atmosphere?

Here are a few explanations why sticky notes are evil:

1. They scream "Clutter"

We place them everywhere - on the monitors, cork boards, desks, walls, furniture, fridges. They land in drawers. They are able to really clutter up almost any space in our office or home.

Oftentimes we scan our sticky notes one-by-one and question - is that this bit of information still relevant? Is the fact that task still actionable? Performs this have to be completed? Did I write this? Only then do we usually keep your publish-it where it had been instead of trashing it - this has run out of fear that people may need it later, at some point. It's therefore much simpler to produce new sticky notes than to eliminate them. So the cluttering continues.

Another factor to bear in mind is the fact that, unlike mobile to-do apps, physical spaces have limited capacity. An limitless capacity is among the explanations why you would not experience any clutter should you used a mobile to-do application for the notes, tasks and information. (Another reason is the fact that by digitizing your data and taking advantage of a mobile app's labeling system, your assortment of info is going to be naturally a lot more organized than sticky notes).

2. They disappear since the glue loses power

'Nuff stated. Regardless of what you stick these to, they'll disappear eventually. Normally the former. Personally, i think they are designed this way so you will need to buy more! Sorry, 3M.

3. They're major dust collectors

After they disappear, linked with emotions . quickly collect dust around the sticky glue strip.

It's really pretty surprising that no-one has invented a brush using publish-it notes yet! The point is, my publish-its would usually collect dust, dog hair, trap insects, after which stay with my legs.

4. They aren't eco-friendly

As quoted in the website ePapyrus, sticky notes may be hard to recycle:

"Sticky notes are often recyclable, they also cause some recycling problems due to their components. Publish-it's make use of a pressure-sensitive adhesive known as PSA which doesn't dissolve in water, so that they are thus declined by a few recycling systems. Sticky notes are recognized by mixed paper recycling programs, however."

If you're eco conscious whatsoever, you might like to think about the above before choosing another pack of the 100 publish-its. However, a mobile to-do application is generally absolutely free of charge (unless of course you need to choose upgrading, then it'll most likely be $2 per month) and it has a internet carbon footprint.

5. You can't set timely reminders on sticky notes

We frequently have a tendency to use sticky notes to help remind ourselves to do something. That work well for sticking the note onto an item the job relates to, but when time is among the note's attributes, they work terribly. For tasks and information with payment dates, you need to use something that work well so you may never miss that telephone call you had been designed to make or that shopping you had been designed to do.

Reminders inside a mobile to-do application, however, work delightfully. It is simple to setup recurring tasks and push notifications in your smartphone, so you may never forget to complete your tasks.

6. You can't copy and share sticky notes on-the-go

Imagine you had been designed to go food shopping, but something's show up and you are unable to get it done. You need to ask another person that will help you, much like your spouse or perhaps your child, let us if you have an individual willing to achieve that shopping, but... they not have the list. Now you must to rewrite the sticky note for your phone and send an SMS, e-mail their email list for them or physically pass the sticky note. It is easy and can most likely take only a couple of minutes but doesn't it seem save from that daunting task and automate the entire discussing process?

With a few mobile to-do apps, it is simple to share the entire list (or project) and immediately collaborate with anybody instantly.

The collaboration part reveals another selection of usages. You can produce a grocery list for your entire family and also have everybody capable of making additions anytime. You may be already inside your vehicle driving towards the supermarket while someone continues to be adding items to your grocery list since most to-do apps sync immediately.

Sticky notes, however, are made medieval with regards to discussing them with others.

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